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You'll have heard all this before, sorry, but we have to outline this here.

We use your studio details for the following purposes only:

1. Our contact with you
2. For promotional use

StudioHire is committed to protecting the privacy of users and the overall integrity of the internet.
We've adopted a set of information management guidelines that have been developed to comply with the Data Protection Act.
We make a note of advice published from time to time.
Accordingly, guidelines are subject to change and any such changes to our privacy policy will be posted on this page without notification.

For more information on the Data Protection Act please refer to the Data Protection Act on Gov.UK.

A summary of the measures taken by StudioHire to protect our users' privacy is as follows:
We do not provide or sell your personal details to third parties unless you have specifically requested that we do so.
We might contact you with information, goods and services that may be of interest to you.
We reserve the right to disclose information about member usage & demographics to advertisers and partners, but in anonymous aggregate form.
We won't reveal your personal identity in connection with the disclosure of such information.

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