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Shoreditch Townhouse

25 Paul Street Shoreditch

Tel: 020 7920 9378
Contact: Mario Goncalves



Dimensions: TBC
Price Range: On Application

Welcome to Shoreditch Townhouse.

Exclusive hire or a room to call your own...
and you'll soon feel completely at home..
This is truly a perfect setting for the explorer within you.

Also available for filming, photoshoots, launches, private events.
Refurbishment in progress...we just couldn't wait to show you.

This Edwardian townhouse, situated on a quiet street, is one of the City’s hidden gems.
The journey begins with a welcome cup of adventure and your ascent will have you surrounded by the intriguing, the curious and the curiouser.
The house awakens a sense of wonderment, giving a nod to the past whilst remaining very firmly in the present. 
Things are done little differently here; experience the finest pleasures which are often the unexpected ones.
Spread over four floors, discover treasures in the Cabinet of Curiosity.

The quirkiness and the mysterious bricked-up Victorian doorway in the basement adds to the unique atmosphere and sense of intrigue.

Dare to enter through the discreet doorway to experience the remarkable surroundings...

...Bounce some ideas and let the townhouse ignite your imagination.

A bit about the history of Shoreditch Townhouse.

Originally commissioned and constructed in 1911.
A tall, elegant edifice enjoying a discreet position between Old Street and Moorgate, it was originally designed to house bullion brokers C. Sharp & Wilkins; they took over London’s leading gold smelters next door and immediately became one of the most powerful organisations in the global bullion trade, the 'London Price Fixers.'
Once a week, the four Price Fixers met to set the price of gold in London - and by extension, the world - until one of them, the Rothschilds, took over the price fixing in 1924. C. Sharp & Wilkins remained integral to the bullion trade until well after the Second World War.
The building is notable for surviving the Blitz of 1940, when much of the street was destroyed.

Decadence with an air of witty naughtiness prevails.


Brick walls
Green Room
Ground floor
Hair & Make Up area
Internet access
Location space
Period features
Station close by
Wooden floors

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