Background Support Systems
Can't Stand Them?
Take too long to set up?
Bit of a faff?
Then, check The PAPERPAL
Your new best friend!
This really is a unique piece of kit
Supports a 4ft 6in or 9ft background paper using just one stand.
Mobile too!
STANDby for the heads up!
– See what we did there?!
You are going to LOVE it...
+ wonder what you ever did without it.
Eliminates the need for two stands.
Allows you to set up in a much tighter space.
Shooting on your own?
Put up backgrounds FAST.
Comes with a carry case.
EASY to transport.
Fits neatly into a stand bag.
Essential part of any photographers location kit... so portable!
Also damn useful in the studio too, here's why...
Support your background paper | canvas roll.
Provides extra bounce | diffusion.
Also handy when you're shooting a reflective subject + need an even reflection.
Stainless steel, it is lightweight yet robust.
Your average stand easily accommodates a 4ft 6in roll.
Requires a sturdy stand for 9 footer.
The genius is the simplicity.
Available from link below.
Vid shows The PAPERPAL in action.
Also avail at selected photographic suppliers.


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