Welcome to Studio 12's premier studio hire space, where your creative vision becomes a captivating reality!
Our studio is a versatile haven for all your visual storytelling needs, offering a wealth of possibilities to ignite your imagination.

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Green Screen Studio
Step into our mesmerising green screen studio, a sprawling canvas measuring an impressive 6 metres wide and soaring 3 metres high.
This expansive area provides ample room to breathe life into your video and photography projects.
Our state–of–the–art green screen technology empowers you to transport your audience to any locale your mind can conceive.
Be it the bustling heart of a cityscape, or the tranquil shores of a beach at sunset, our green screen studio effortlessly adapts to your creative ambitions.
White Cyclorama Studio
Adjacent to our greenscreen marvel, lies our elegant white cyclorama studio, designed with the same generous dimensions at 6 metres in width x 3 metres in height.
This pristine space serves as the perfect backdrop for your photography and videography endeavours.
The seamless white cyclorama backdrop imbues your work with a clean, contemporary aesthetic, presenting you with boundless opportunities to manifest your artistic visions in a crisp and immaculate setting.
Large Black Studio
For those seeking a striking and versatile environment, our large black studio awaits.
Here, you'll discover a dynamic space featuring three distinct textured backdrops, each ready to elevate your creative concepts.
The first backdrop boasts a glossy black brick texture that captures and plays with light, infusing your projects with depth and dimension.
The second backdrop, with its matte black brick texture, imparts a subtle yet compelling mood, setting the stage for dramatic storytelling.
Finally, the third backdrop offers a smooth, matte black finish, lending a sleek and modern appeal to your artistic endeavors.

At Studio 12, we understand the importance of having the right canvas for your creative masterpiece.
Our studios are meticulously crafted to provide you with the space, technology, and ambiance you need to bring your ideas to life.
Whether you're embarking on a green screen adventure, capturing the timeless elegance of a white cyclorama, or immersing yourself in the versatile world of our large black studio, Studio 12 is your ultimate destination for visual excellence.
Reserve your space today and let your creativity flourish within our exceptional studios!


6000 SQFT versatile studio spaces
Green Screen – White Cyclorama – All Black




Above 5000 SQFT


Up to 100 people

  • 3 Phase Power
  • Blackout
  • Brick Wall
  • Castings
  • Catering
  • Chill Area
  • Colorama
  • Concrete Floor
  • Desk Rental
  • Digital
  • Dry Hire
  • Editing Facilities
  • Events
  • Exhibitions
  • Film Studio
  • Green Screen Cyc
  • Ground Floor
  • Hair | Makeup Area
  • High Ceiling
  • Hourly Hire
  • Lighting Grid
  • Long Term Rental
  • Meetings
  • Multiple Spaces
  • Music Videos
  • Near Station
  • Pet Friendly
  • Polyboards + Stands
  • Props
  • Rehearsal Space
  • Set or Set Build
  • Table Top Shoots
  • Videography
  • Weekend Hire
  • White Walls
  • WiFi
  • Wooden Floors
  • Workshops
  • Yoga


Studio Manager

142 Johnson Street
Unit 12




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