Westminster Live

Three broadcast studios at your disposal – provided fully equipped with production galleries or dry hire.
Ideally positioned in central London.
Easily accessible location offering a fantastic skyline.
A live and iconic view of the Thames and the Houses of Parliament.
Alternative backdrops include cyclorama drapes, video walls or Colorama.
Third Ultimatte chroma studio offering live keying
– or straight green screen records.
Extensive transmission options for broadcast or webinar events.

Our three studios are configured with full production galleries and broadcast transmission solutions for live or recorded programming.
Available for short news contributions and longer term productions, hosted in front of our live London backdrop or alternatively a virtual or set background.

Studio A

Gives you the option of utilising a live view across the River Thames, towards the Houses of Parliament & Big Ben, featuring Millbank | MI5, London Eye & Lambeth Palace, all instantly recognisable worldwide.

In addition to these world–famous landmarks, the river and road traffic (including London's red buses and black taxis) add animation to the live scene.
For a more neutral setting, the view can be screened off and the background set as you wish.
This, together with an extensive range of in–house studio furniture and branding options, ensures we are ready to take on any challenge!
Take a look at our single and multi–camera galleries, and the furniture / set video to see some of the options available – site link at the bottom of our listing.

Configured with up to four cameras, well specified live production gallery, and extensive lighting grid with associated support equipment, we're ready for any requirements.

Studio B

17 sqm studio space configured with Ultimatte hardware offering the highest quality key.
Utilising a dedicated background camera to take in our famous live view as a background, or anything else you wish played in.
Alternatively, use our cyclorama curtains or photographic paper, for a cosy junket or portrait style.
A popular option for down the line interviews, recorded statements and SMT | junket promotions.

Studio C

Offering the same vantage point and view as Studio A but located on a higher floor, offering a wider panorama to also include Westminster Abbey and the City.
The studio space is large enough to accommodate a panel of three speakers and set up with three cameras, including a robotic head, and live production gallery.
Configured for ease of operation and often used for productions requiring swift turnover and minimal set up and crew.

Studio A – 61.08 sqm – 8.08 x 7.56m
Studio B – 18 sqm – 6 x 3m
Studio C – 24.75 sqm – Stage Space 5.5 x 4.5m
+ 2m window backdrop of Westminster


Studio A – 61 SQM
Studio B – 18 SQM
Studio C – 25 SQM




500 — 1000 SQFT


Up to 20 people

  • Acoustic Treatment
  • Air Con
  • Blackout
  • Castings
  • Catering
  • Chill Area
  • Colorama
  • Conferences
  • Daylight
  • Digital
  • Dry Hire
  • Editing Facilities
  • Equipment Hire
  • Equipment Included
  • Events
  • Film Studio
  • Good for Recording
  • Green Room
  • Green Screen
  • Hair | Makeup Area
  • Hourly Hire
  • Internet
  • Lift
  • Lighting Grid
  • Meetings
  • Multiple Spaces
  • Near Station
  • Parking
  • Props
  • Rehearsal Space
  • Rigging
  • Set or Set Build
  • Soundproof
  • Table Top Shoots
  • VFX
  • Videography
  • Views
  • WiFi
  • Wired Internet


Daniel Mason

Westminster Tower
3 Albert Embankment





Westminster Live

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