Beautiful Kitchen NW3

📸 🍳 Rent Our Gorgeous Kitchen for Food Photography Sessions! 🍽️ 📸

Stunning kitchen... the perfect space to bring your food photography to life!
This delightful space boasts a harmonious blend of classic charm and modern functionality, making it the ideal backdrop for capturing your culinary masterpieces.
From the moment you step inside, you'll be captivated by the inviting and bright ambiance that envelops the room.

🌞 Bright and Airy
The sun floods the kitchen with natural light, creating a cheerful atmosphere to beautifully illuminate your foodie creations.

🏡 Traditional Style with a Modern Twist
Our kitchen exudes timeless elegance with its traditional style, showcasing finely crafted cabinetry and sophisticated design elements; yet, it also boasts a touch of modernity, ensuring your food photography captures the essence of both classic and contemporary aesthetics.

🍽️ Open and Spacious
The open layout of the kitchen allows for seamless movement and creative positioning while you work your magic behind the lens.
With plenty of space to set up your equipment and props, you can bring your artistic vision to life without feeling restricted.

🔧 Functioning Appliances
Equipped with top–of–the–line, state–of–the–art appliances, not only visually appealing but also practical and efficient; everything you need for your food photography sessions is right at your fingertips.

💫 Kitchen Island
The centrepiece of this culinary haven is a magnificent kitchen island; adds a touch of sophistication and convenience.
The spacious surface provides the perfect platform to style and showcase your culinary creations.

💧 Belfast Sink
The classic and timeless Belfast sink enhances the traditional charm of the kitchen.
Its deep basin and smooth surface make it a versatile prop for various food photography setups, adding character and authenticity to your images.

🍳 Range Master Oven
For the serious food photographer, a high–quality oven is a must–have, and our Range Master oven fits the bill perfectly.
Not only does it offer precise temperature control for even baking, but it's sleek design also adds a touch of culinary elegance to your photography sessions.

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Don't miss the opportunity to work in our beautiful kitchen that has been thoughtfully designed to meet all your food photography needs.
Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting in the field, our kitchen is ready to become your creative haven.
Let your food photography skills shine in this breathtaking space!


300 SQ FT




Below 500 SQFT


Up to 20 people

  • Accessible
  • Brick Wall
  • Castings
  • Catering
  • Chill Area
  • Daylight
  • Dining
  • Dry Hire
  • Equipment Included
  • Events
  • Food Shoots
  • Garden | Ext Space
  • Ground Floor
  • Hourly Hire
  • Internet
  • Kitchen
  • Lifestyle
  • Location Space
  • Meetings
  • Near Station
  • Props
  • Shoot Kitchen
  • Table Top Shoots
  • Videography
  • Weekend Hire
  • White Walls
  • WiFi
  • Wooden Floors
  • Workshops


Cristina Yarr

Garden Flat
94 Fellows Road
Belsize Park



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